1.5.0 - Release Candidate

This is the 1.5.0-rc release of Agones.

This release sees the release of an official C# SDK, as well as our first Alpha feature, being able to allow port mapping to any container in the backing GameServer Pod.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Implemented enhancements:

  • GameServer remains “STATE:Creating” if not create serviceaccount #1370
  • Site: Prioritise search results on better #1327
  • Create and document rules of thumb for log levels in agones code #1223
  • Configurable Log Level for Agones controllers #1218
  • Refactor Docker files for gRPC between SDK and allocation #1115
  • C# SDK #884
  • Feature Gates: EnableAllFeatures #1448 (markmandel)
  • Local implementation of Set/GetPlayerCapacity #1444 (markmandel)
  • Alpha GameServer attributes added to SDK #1440 (markmandel)
  • Added version to stress tests files #1433 (akremsa)
  • Terraform: Add FeatureGates into helm release #1431 (aLekSer)
  • SuperTuxKart Game Server that allows AI connections #1424 (markmandel)
  • Fix wrong condition check for Memory limit #1418 (aLekSer)
  • Applied allocation test #1417 (akremsa)
  • Add shutdown duration option to Node.js simple #1413 (steven-supersolid)
  • Add sidecar memory resources setting #1402 (suecideTech)
  • Add ErrorHandling for failed to create pods because of forbidden #1400 (suecideTech)
  • Alpha SDK.SetPlayerCapacity & GetPlayerCapacity #1399 (markmandel)
  • Add feature gate block to Make install #1397 (markmandel)
  • Allow ports to be added to any container in a GS pod #1396 (benclive)
  • Adding the C# gRPC SDK #1315 (Reousa)


See CHANGELOG for more details on changes.

Images available with this release:

Helm chart available with this release:

Make sure to add our stable helm repository using helm repo add agones